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The research interests of the group are in structural integrity with a focus on experimental mechanics at the macro-, meso- and nano-scales. is the website of the research group led by Eann A. Patterson

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Macro-scale structural validations

The imperative for a more sustainable society implies a reduction in material and energy consumption by devices, machines and structures, which conflicts with the desire for safety and reliability.  Solid mechanics models, validated by experiment, are an essential tool for resolving this conflict and the development of effective validation methodologies for simple and hierarchical models together with their effect on the design process is a focus of work in the group.  [Recent publication]



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Meso-scale experimental mechanics

Optical techniques including DIC, photoelasticity and TSA, are capable of providing detailed strain fields in engineering components.  They are being used to evaluate crack tip and wake strain fields and to guide the development of a new (CJP) model.  The same techniques are being used to enhance understanding of adhesive and mechanical composite joints. [Recent publication]


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Recent work at the nano-scale has involved evaluating the interaction of nanoparticles with living cells in order to understand the mechanics of a range of associated biological processes.  The experimental work has been performed at the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission DG Joint Research Center, Ispra, Italy.  [Recent publication]


The grand challenge is the capability to measure strain in the spatial and temporal domains at sufficient resolution and over a temperature range to underpin the reliability and credibility of computational mechanics models.









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